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A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those?


Fuck your Base! We've got Nukes!

     We play Tekken Tag 2, Blur, NFS, Titanfall 2, Fallout, and many other games in our spare time. While I usually end up in Destiny 2 or Titanfall 2 I'm still known to play CS:GO, Hawken, and *try* to play Rocket League but can't get the hang of it yet. Fortnite is another title I play here and there but usually end up hiding in a shack until someone comes along and finds me afk in the bathroom or something. I keep saying I will get back into Sauerbraten aka Cube 2 for some insta CTF but havent been back in years since my clan died away.

     For awhile I was considering running some public servers but no interest as of yet. Most of my gamer friends are very casual... the "if I have time away from the kids, work, band, etc" types while lately I seem to have an abundance of time on my hands. Drop me a line at if you want a challenge. I play PC pretty exclusively since my XBOX died. I will add my gamer tags here eventually but my handle is usually Kidacro or Kidacro215npa.